ESR 8 – Design and development of cost-effective solutions for High throughput, mixed model electronic assembly and packaging

Project Description

This project will support the development of a small assembly line for the production of SenseAir’s latest product, an automotive alcohol-sensor. The work is carried out with AutoLiv AB who are responsible for the marketing and registration of the product at EC level. Production processes will be carried out using existing equipment which include automatic gluing and soldering processes. The work will also focus on the effects of new business models on the company and its sub-suppliers.

The project goal is two folded: The first goal is to perform a DFA (Design For Assembly) and a DFAA (Design For Automatic Assembly) analysis in order to understand how the product design can be improved to facilitate its assembly (both manual and automatic will be investigated). This work will be carried out with SAIR and KTH support and will ensure the selection of a cost-effective product design. The secondary goals of the project are supporting the development of the actual assembly line and the User-Interface through which the configuration and deployment of the assembly system can be managed by a conventional operator.

Host Institution

Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan (KTH), Sweden

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

KTH - Prof Mauro Onori & Prof Antonio Maffei



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