ESR 7 – Cyber-Physical Systems and End of life management in home automation

Project Description

The research will contribute towards the developing of specific system abilities for the automatic precision assembly of optoelectronic components, such as dependability, interaction and perception ability, cognitive ability, decisional autonomy, manipulation ability, motion ability, adaptability and configurability.

In recent decades, a number of mechatronic devices have been developed for different applications and their use have been expanding. A suitable integration of mechanical, information technology and electronic features is required, that allow both to enhance the capabilities and the performance of standard products and to enable the conception and development of new generation systems facing the high-demanding requirements of an increasing market. Products of daily usage such as cars, mobile phones and computers rely on electronics and contain Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Specifically, the research project will tackle innovative and efficient methods and reconfigurable tools for handling miniaturised electro-optical components for the development of a selective, flexible and efficient manufacturing and re-manufacturing of PCBs and effective implementation of backplanes and boards with embedded three dimensional electro-optical parts.

Host Institution

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) (STIIMA), Italy, PhD registration with University of Brescia

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

STIIMA - Dr Irene Fassi & Dr Serena Ruggeri



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