ESR 13

ESR 13 – Artificial Intelligence applied to Oil & Gas (To be approved by EC)

Project Description

The digitalization process is reaching to nearly all our daily activities. The oil sector is also immersed in the industry 4.0 new revolution. The requirements of a new era, more conscious of environment and society, and in development inside a global economy, need a new generation of tools powered by artificial intelligence capabilities. 

The stated ESR is focused in the study and development of new process control models based on artificial intelligence techniques with special accent in machine learning methods and deep learning techniques. Potentially, the work will also include computer vision developments. The goal is the development of algorithms for optimization of production processes generated during the refinement of oil. The new possibilities that deep learning techniques offers will allow to tackle down challenges present and contribute to the industry 4.0 paradigm. At the same time the ESR will allow the candidate to work in a real production plant, collaborating with the research team. 

Host Institution

Petronor Innovación (Petronor), Spain, PhD registration with UPV/EHU

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

Petronor - Dr. Itziar Landa & TBD



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