ESR 12

ESR 12 – Towards a human-centered framework for effective design and delivery of condition monitoring smart services

Project Description

Manufacturing companies are discovering new value creation methods to increase customer satisfaction, market share and competitiveness. New value creation can be achieved with new business models extended by smart services enabled by Industry 4.0 technologies. This transition scenario is called digital servitization. However, market acceptance of smart services is still incipient, and manufacturers are often unsuccessful when introducing smart services to their customers. Why the market success of smart services value propositions is under expected? Previous research developed in the DIMAND project reveals that a bundle of causes, i.e., inappropriate service design processes, lack of increment in customers’ value perception, lack of holistic value proposition for different stakeholders’ perspective, lack of readiness in integrability and required organizational changes, etc. Thus, this research aims to apply a human-centered framework built under the DIMAND project for the effective design and delivery of smart services able to overcome the aforementioned barriers. In particular, the research will focus on manufacturing company cases where condition monitoring Industry 4.0 technologies have been developed as enables of smart services.

Host Institution

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa S.Coop

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