DiManD Innovative Training Network (ITN) is an European Training Network (ETN) programme that will provide world-class multidisciplinary training to 14 Early-Stage Researches in the area of Digital Manufacturing and Design Development.


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Applications are now closed for Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions on the DiManD ITN. For more details of the individual projects of the Early Stage Researchers (ESR), visit ESR.

Applications are now invited for 1 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position on the DiManD ITN. Please download our CALL FOR APPLICATIONS guidance document for more details about the recruitment process and visit ESR.


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The DiManD ITN is an European Training Network (ETN) programme funded by the European Union through the Marie Sktodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018), grant agreement number no. 814078.


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DiManD Innovative Training Network (ITN) is an European Trainning Network (ETN) programme that will provide a high-quality multidisciplinary, multi-professional and cross-sectorial research and training of high-achieving early stage researchers in the area of Industry 4.0

The economic prosperity of Europe will increasingly depend on maintaining and further expanding a resilient and sustainable manufacturing sector based on sophisticated technologies, relevant knowledge and skill bases, and manufacturing infrastructure that has the ability to produce a high variety of complex products faster, more reliably and cheaper. In high labour cost economies, manufacturing competitiveness depends on maximising the utilisation of all available resources, empowering human intelligence and creativity, and capturing and capitalising on available information and knowledge for the total product lifecycle from design, through production, use and maintenance to recycling.

Programme vision

A strategy for designing and developing integrated systems to overcome these barriers along with the suitable training is required to produce experts with a multidisciplinary skill set that will be able to create a new generation of solutions that embody the ethos of the Industrie 4.0 era and the ability to adapt current solutions to this new way of producing complex high value products.



  • 14 highly trained future industrial and academic leaders (WP2)
  • High-quality international training programme with a lasting legacy (WP2)
  • Increase in European manufacturing capability through world-leading research outputs (WP3/4/5)
  • Improved international collaboration in Digital Manufacturing (WP6)


  • New architectures and models for Digital Manufacturing and design (WP3/4)
  • New design and testing approaches (WP3/4)
  • New control concepts and algorithms (WP3/4)
  • Human-centred design methods (WP3)
  • Data analytics methods (WP4/5)
  • New multi-agent control solutions (WP5)


  • Integrated aerospace assembly methods (WP2)
  • CP5 ecosystem for safety and security in the workplace (WP3)
  • Mass-customisation of products (WP3/4)
  • Digital twin for machine tools (WP3/4)
  • Robotic cell control for automotive applications (WP4)
  • Data capture using the industrial internet of things (WP5)

To read more about our research programme, visit here.

The DimanD ITN will also deliver a structured training programme that will enable the ESR community to innovate, develop and translate implant technologies from industrial needs to a commercial products. This integrated training programme placing research excellence at its core with advanced technical skills through hands-on research and structured training courses provided by the consortium network. The ESR community will also gain international and intersectoral experience through planned industrial placements and secondments, enhancing career development and employability and promoting their development into leading innovators in the European Digital Industry sector.

To read more about the DimanD training programme, visit here.


Applications are now invited for one of the 14 Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions on the DimanD ITN. Please carefully read the CALL FOR APPLICANTS guidance document for more details about the recruitment process and visit ESR PROJECTS page to see more details about positions available.