ESR 4 – Human Centred Design for Industrie 4.0. Advance service innovation

Project Description

In future Industrie 4.0 scenarios, manufacturing companies will need to incorporate Human Centred Design skills to link deep customer knowledge, with resources and digital data flows in one single system. European manufacturing companies must be capable to design these human (user), machine (product) and digital data systems, and transform them into marketable advance product-service solutions. 

Given the developments in Digital Manufacturing, European companies will need a more holistic approach to design and deliver interconnected product, service and digital interfaces’ system solutions. Human factors are commonly underestimated within Digital Manufacturing frameworks. Design as a driver and enabler of human centred innovation could complement Industrie 4.0 innovation activities and help manufactures to go beyond technological innovation.

An appropriate Design method will be developed, this method will be validated in different European manufacturing sectors in order to design advance product-services in Digital Manufacturing scenarios. This methodology will allow European manufacturers to: (i) overcome internal organisational barriers for Industrie 4.0 offerings, (ii) identify the needs of the different value network stakeholders through user research techniques, (iii) co-create and prototype with the different value network stakeholders in order to offer more complete service offerings minimising market failures, (iv) visualise and develop service scenarios using system visualisation tools to help customers and providers to understand how advance service offerings work, and (v) develop and deliver the appropriate customer solutions.

Host Institution

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP), Spain

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

MGEP - Dr Ion Iriarte & Dr Ganix Lasa



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