ESR 3 – Cyber-Physical Systems and User Interaction Experience into Industrie 4.0

Project description

Cyber-Physical Systems technology is a crucial key enabling technology that forms the basis for the development of many innovative products and services in highly developed economies. They control almost all types of products with electronic devices, from health parameters to a building, from an airbag to a production line, from a satellite to a car.

Appropriate multidisciplinary research will be developed and its results will be verified and validated in different scenarios. This will be focused on: (i) Monitoring and Adaptive Control based on Advanced Signal Processing, (ii) Big Data and Optimisation, (iii) Real Time and Distributed Systems and Interoperability, (iv) Functional Safety, and (v) Cyber Security. 

The research will address this new environment which makes it possible to generate a large amount of data. However, it is the significance of the data, not the volume where the opportunities lie. Cyber-Physical Systems will demand new User Interaction Experiences with data technology. Thus, the previously accepted process used should be reversed; to identify the stakeholders that are involved in the process; clarification and identified of the information required by each stakeholder, how they want, when and why they need it, serving the right personnel with the right information in the best channel and with the right reliability level. Techniques will be developed that allow users to obtain deep insights, explore, and understand large amounts of information effectively.

Host Institution

Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP), Spain

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

MGEP- Dr Felix Larrinaga & Dr Ganix Lasa



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