ESR 10

ESR 10 – Self-learning Cyber-Physical Production Systems 

Project Description

This project will result in a clear understanding of current state of the art best practices in the usage of Cyber-Physical Systems in manufacturing environments, especially in what concerns control, re-configuration, monitoring and diagnosis of a concrete shop-floor. At the end, a methodology will be produced towards guiding the usage of CPS in this context. An important issue is self-learning ability to improve adaptability and evolvability of the manufacturing system, which requires Big-Data and learning training. Hence, the proposed methodology will assess the requirements present in the design of one of these systems and a list of design principles that must guide these developments in future projects.

Host Institution

UNINOVA – Instituto de Desenvolvimento de NovasTecnologias (UNINOVA), Portugal

Planned Secondments


Lead Supervisors

UNINOVA - Prof Jose Barata



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